Could I Get a Tip Reduction Without Cartliage Graft? (photo)

I am half-asian and half-caucasian, and as long as I can remember, I've been self conscious about the tip of my nose. Would it be possible to reduce the tip to create a more slender shape, without grafting cartilage or altering the bridge? Maybe make it more countered to my bridge? I'd prefer not to reduce the width, given the proportions of my face. It's just the awful bump at the end that overwhelms my otherwise defined bridge! I'd also appreciate a rough estimate!

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Rhinoplasty to narrow and refine a bulbous tip to appear smaller & more feminine

If you would like to make the tip of your nose more slender and refined, without reducing the width of the area above the tip (known as the supra tip), the only way to accomplish this is by using one or more cartilage grafts.

A cartilage graft would be used to make your tip slightly higher and to change the shape of the tip of your nose from its rounded appearance that you find unattractive.

As an alternative surgical approach - one that does not require cartilage grafting - you could consider narrowing the tip and the supra tip.

Since your goals are quite specific, you should work very closely in communicating with your plastic surgeon to make the best choice.

The good news: there are often many ways to accomplish the same goals.

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Nose Reshaping for Bulbous Tip without Bridge Modification

Thank you for submitting this question and for providing photos. Yes, it would be possible to reduce the fullness or bulbosity of the tip of your nose without changing the bridge at all. Generally this would require an open tip-rhinoplasty. In a reduction rhinoplasty (making the nose smaller), cartilage grafts are often unnecessary.  Grafts may be needed internally, depending on the structure and function of your nose, but these would not change the external shape. In San Francisco, rhinoplasty can range from $3500 to $10,000, depending on the degree of work to be done, whether the case is a revision, and where the case is being performed (e.g., hospital vs. surgery center). Best of luck in your decision!

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Tip reduction in rhinoplasty

For an indivdual who has none caucasian nose which is short and has minmal dorsal projection and has round tip with flaring of nostrils, reduction rhinoplasty is not recommended and will not improve facial balance. Tip rhinoplasty requires reshaping, with adding small piece of cartilage is the recommended approach. The cost is approximately $ 4000.00

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