Is it an appropriate time to stop wearing my compression bandage after gynecomastia surgery? (Photo)

3 weeks ago, I had gynecomastia surgery through incision. My doctor told me to wear a compression bandage "until next week" when I saw him last Tuesday for my two week checkup, and then we set up a six-week check-up appointment. Is it ok to start wearing just a tight shirt? Every 2-3 days I shower, the tape started coming off today I removed it, left was ok, right started bleeding. I put the tape in place and taped over it. The left side is a dented, but he removed quite a bit. How does it look

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Compression Time with Male Breast Reduction

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COMPRESSION GARMENT: The extra pressure this elastic garment provides helps reduce swelling and discomfort. You should not remove this garment at all until the second or third day after surgery. After that, feel free to remove the garment temporarily for showering or laundering. In my practice for most patients I recommend circumferential pressure for 4-6 weeks, and switch to an exercise compression garment when advised. Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to give you specific advice if a longer period is required.

Ask your surgeon

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You should ask your surgeon for their advice as they may want to see your results in person.   

I generally recommend patients wear a support garment for 6 weeks - night and day for the first three weeks, and then during the day for another three weeks.

Is it an appropriate time to stop wearing my compression bandage after gynecomastia surgery?

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Have tried calling your surgeon's office to address this issue vs asking us, expert posters our recommendation for your care? 

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