How to Get Rid of Hot Wax Burn Scar?

When I was 9 years old, I had a hot wax from the microwave that spilled on me. It burned on my left thigh. It has gotten a bit smaller but some of it is still thick. Now im 14 years old. How can I get rid of the scar?

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Scar treatment for wide burn scar

Unfortunately at your age, your very healthy healing process may result in a thick scar. You could flatten the scar using steroid injections but you could risk lightening and blood vessel formation. The best option is probably excision with linear repair, Hwoever, many people would argue about the optimal timing for this procedure. It is my impression that lasers, etc would be of minimal benefit.

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Burn scars

Burn scars can be very difficult to deal with. This scar may be able to be reduced by serial excision or even direct excision which may leave you with a slightly widened scar on the thigh.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Burn Scar


I spent many years at the Boston Shriner's Burn center and managed many burn scars. Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle for burn scar patients to climb over is the idea that once scarring occurs, in many cases it is permanent.

However, there are a few techniques that a Board certified Plastic Surgeon can use to help "camoflauge" the scar. Most importantly, it is very import for you to see a surgeon with burn experience, as they will be able to look at all aspects of your scar (size, shape, contour, involvement, location,etc.) and only then be able to give you non-surgical and surgical advice.

Techniques currently used are excision, dermabrasion, scar rearrangement (Z-plasty or flaps), laser therapy (new research on Fractionated ablative and non-abative lasers) as well as even subdermal fat injections to stimulate scar remodeling.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Dr. C

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How to flatten a thick burn scar

Your dermatologist may be able to help you by injecting some medicine with a very small needle. After applying cold compresses, the injection is not really painful. You may also get a prescription for medicated tape that sometimes helps to flatten the scars. Good luck. Since it is getting better, I think it will continue to do this!

Beverly Johnson, MD
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