Is There a Laser or Cream That Can Reduce the Dark Marks on my Legs? (photo)

Hello, I am 30 years old and in 2005 after I had my first child I started having skin issues. I was told that it was foliculitis, but the treatments wouldn't always work and it would just keep coming back so I am not sure if that is even what I have. My main issue is the fact that this condition leaves dark spots and my legs are almost completely covered and the trucks of my arms, Thank God it's not on my face, but I want to know if I can ever go on a beach vacation with my family without marks?

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Hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the legs with Melarase and MelaPeel

I treat dark spots on the legs using a hyperpigmented spot protocol that includes daily use of Melarase AM and Melarase PM, followed by once monthly MelaPeels. This works great for leg discoloration in my Los Angeles clinic. 

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Dark Scars on Legs

Hi Blackorican.  The marks look like they are the result of picking at ingown hairs or just picking at normal hair.  The first step before you should consider any treatment is to get help to stop the picking.  Without that, no treatment will help.

If you can manage to stop picking then the second step would be laser hair removal.  While the laser hair removal is ongoing, you can use 4% - 8% hydroquinone or q-switched lasers.  The hydroquinone will likely not work in the areas that have scar tissue and the skin texture has changed.  In these areas we would use the q-switched lasers.

Finally, no open sores should be treated, this is why the first step is to stop picking.  

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