how long should it take for otoplasty procedure to completely heal? (Photo)

i had an otoplasty procedure 3 months ago, one of the ears has healed perfectly but my left ear anti helix sticks out which brings an un natural appearance

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How long should it take for otoplasty procedure to completely heal?

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The final result can usually be seen after 3 months, regardless of whether you were operated on with the traditional or the stitch method. However, I’d recommend that it would be better to wait a further 3 months before posting photos again.

Germany Plastic Surgeon

Otoplasty at Three Months

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It is always difficult to be sure from limited photos, but it would appear that the antihelix in this picture is indeed projecting more that would be optimal.   At three months the result is probably stable.  However, to be sure, waiting another month or two before proceeding with any revision would probably be recommended.  See youn surgeon for a more prescise sassessment and recommenbdation

William A. Terranova, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

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