Is There Any Way to Fix Ueven Ears?

I have uneven ears, it make my face uneven. It seems that my left ear dropped 1 cm. Is there anyway to fix it? (so they will correct in horizontal position) Is it caused by bad jaw?

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Facial Asymmetry & Ear Asymmetry Solutions

Facial asymmetry is an extremely common phenomena and is present in almost everyone to some degree.  In most cases, it’s barely noticeable, but occasionally it’s severe and treatment may be necessary.

Asymmetry of the ears can occur for a variety of reasons and is often associated with facial asymmetry.  This asymmetry may be related to the size, shape, position and location of the ear. Depending upon the characteristics of the asymmetry, treatment may or may not be possible.

When ear asymmetry is associated with facial asymmetry it’s not unusual for one side of the face to have a depressed orbital rim, flattened cheekbone and an ear that’s lower and further back then the opposite side.  When this situation arises, it’s possible in some cases to disguise the asymmetry.  Unfortunately, when the entire ear is malpositioned it’s impossible to correct the deformity entirely because the position of the ear canal can’t be changed.

It’s important to realize that every patient with facial asymmetry needs a careful analysis.  Treatment will vary from patient to patient and will depend on their underlying facial anatomy.  Without a physical examination, it’s impossible to make a definitive diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.  If you’re considering treatment, it’s important that you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you with this decision.  

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Auricular dystopia (uneven horizontal placement of ears)

There may be a variety of reasons for the uneven horizontal orientation of your ears (dystopia). These can be due to soft tissue or boney asymmetry. You should meet with plastic surgeon for an evaluation and recommendation of treatment options.

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Correcting unequal ear height not possible

There is no real reason to correct the height elevation of the ears. It is really impossible since the ear canal is connected into the center of the skull.

The ears can be pinned back by re-sculpting, shaping, and suturing the ear cartilage and creating a new anti-helical fold.

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Otoplasty Surgery may be performed to restore symmetry.

I'm not sure what you're describing. It's unusual for an adult ear to undergo a significant change in position.

Otoplasty Surgery is commonly performed for ears that are too prominent and stick out too far. Surgery can be performed on one side if only one protrudes.

You should consult a board-certified Otoplasty surgeon to discuss your options, and see if you're a candidate for this type of surgery.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Uneven ears a reflection of skull asymmetry

Most of the time when you have uneven ears it is because your ear canal are uneven.  The ear canals are part of the skull and there is no reason to consider revising the skull for this problem.

You can always have a plastic surgeon look at it but there are no standard techniques for elevating an ear vertically.

Best Wishes.

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