Swelling or Folding of Conchal Bowl After Otoplasty?

I just underwent bilateral Otoplasty 5 days ago... One of the ears were slightly over corrected which the doctor mentioned to me before leaving. I can live with some asymmetry as I was not seeking perfection but improvement. The main concern I am having deals with the Conchal bowl. Each ear seems like it was folded and stitched on the bowl section which has resulted in these huge folds that run down close to my ear drum, they are still fairly swollen and now I have three mayor folds in the ear which looks deformed. I am very concerned to say the least....any input would be appreciated. thank you!

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You should address your concerns with your Otoplasty surgeon as soon as possible.

The photo you posted is low resolution, so I'm not completely certain that I'm seeing what you're describing. If you're seeing a vertical ridge from the top of the concha to the bottom, then I see your concern. Show this to your surgeon as soon as possible. This could be swelling, or a collection, or possibly a ridge of cartilage that might benefit from having a conchal set-back-stitch repositioned.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Ear pinning

Prominent ears has many causes. ear pinning should address the deformity specific to each person.

One of the cuases is a deep and wide conch, in that case an excision of the deepest part of the conch must be done otherwise it will fold. That is what has happened to your ear. An elipse of the concha need excision.

See your Plastic Surgeon for a possible revision

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Otoplasty Complications

An Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) is not a single operation applicable to all ears but the choice of several surgical techniques used to address the ear deformity the patient presents with. In most patients, the upper anti-helix (as you alluded to it, the second fold) and especially the upper crus (the upper limb of the Y) is either "weak" or missing. This is repaired with or without weakening of the front of the cartilage and always with several shaping permanent stitches. The size of the conchal bowl dictates if to remove its rim with or without posteriorly rotating it to bring the ear closer to the back of the head.

In your case, I would urge you to see your surgeon immediately. You have swelling of the antihelix (second fold) and what appears to be swelling of the floor of the bowl. It is important to make sure you do not have a fluid/blood collection there (which must be removed promptly) or an infection (which needs to be aggressively treated). The rim of the concha does not have the shape shown in the picture. You really should see your surgeon as soon as you can.

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