What is the Youngest Advisable Age for a Person to Be Started on Accutane?

Is there a minimum age or physical growth stage someone has to be at before they can start taking accutane?

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Accutante Youngest Advisable Age

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A patient should be older than 12 years of age.  It is a program you need to be dedicated to but is worth it.

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How young can you go on Accutane

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Accutane doesn't affect growth or anything like that. I would say I've started people on Accutane in their early teen years, around 13, as it depends more on the type and severity of the acne than it does the age.

Youngest Age Appropriate to Start Accutane

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Thank you for your question. The minimum age for person to start Accutane is greater than 12 years old according to the FDA clinical guidelines.  I hope this helps.

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