How Do the Stitches on Your Ear Look After Ear Grafting in Revision Rhinoplasty? Does Fascia Grafting Leave a Scar on Your Head?

I am concerned about how will the stitches and scars on my ear and head look after these procedures. I would deeply appreciate some help by sending me some pictures. I am a dance student and usually my hair is pulled behind my ears on a ballet bun. I worry that my teacher and co students will be able to notice the scars left from these two types of grafting. Please let me know and provie me with some pics as this is truly important for me Could these be treated with Fraxel and how long after?

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Appearance of Scars after Harvesting Cartilage & Fascia

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When harvesting cartilage for a rhinoplasty revision the incision is made on the posterior surface of the ear and therefore is not visible even when your hair is worn on top of your head. It is in the same location that we use in facelift surgery. The fascia is harvested through an incision in the scalp which will be seen only if you shave your head. In 35 years I've never had a patient complain about those incisions..

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Grafts and scarring

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Usually if fascia grafts are taken from the scalp, the scar heals very well. As for the ear they can be acmouflaged quite nicely. If they are taken from the back of the ear, you will not be able to see the scar without a mirror, and even if taken anteriorly form the ear, the scar often heals very well.

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