Does Cartilage on Nose Grow Back (Age 18)? (photo)

I noticed that I don't like having a straight nose, and that I would prefer it do be curved to how it was before. Although the curve was kinda un-atractive, I noticed that it fitted me better than now with my staight nose. I mainly wanted to get my nose done to remove the bumps on the sides of my nose that were caused from accidents in the past. The side bumps caused my nose to look wider and less defined. The docter did not remove the bumps completly, and now my nose looks wider, due to no hump

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Does Cartilage on Nose Grow Back (Age 18)?

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  The photo appears to show bruising and swelling from the previous Rhinoplasty.  I can't tell if there's an "open roof" deformity making the nose wider.  You should discuss this with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  If after 6 months, the nose is still wide, you might consider consulting with an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty.  Nasal bone and cartilage does not re-grow.

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Nasal Cartilage

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Nasal cartilage does not regrow. Certain things are necessary for the discussion about your nose. How long ago your rhinoplasty was is important since you should wait at least a year for the swelling to decrease. Also, before pictures would also help.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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The cartilages of the nose do not grow back. It would be best to consult with a revision rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your expectations as to how you'd like your nose to look. 

Does Nasal Cartilage Grow Back?

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Nasal cartilage does not grow back, but secondary to gravity and stretching it will sag and become longer as you age. However, I assume you don't want to wait another 50-60 years for that to happen. If you want to change your nose in the near future find an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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