What is the Satisfaction Rate of Patients Who Undergo Rhinoplasty?

What is the percentage of patients who don't like the final results and have a revision rhinoplasty? What reasons do they mostly have to have another operation?

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What Percentage of Rhinoplasty Patients Have a Revision?

There are nationally published rates of dissatisfaction and revision after rhinoplasty surgery, typically about 15%,  but less among physicians specializing in this procedure. 2/3rds of my rhinoplasty practice is revisions of procedures done before i see the patient, but my revision rate is about 5%. 

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Satisfaction rate for rhinoplasty is high even though most patients are very picky.

Rhinoplasty satisfaction is quite high in the sense that patients will say they are glad that they had the operation.  However, these patients tend to be a bit more persnickety and recognize minor problems and complain about them more.  Perhaps this is because they look directly at the nose when they look in the mirror.


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Patients love their new noses

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is my favorite procedure because I find that my patients are the happiest after receiving a nose job.  This procedure involves a small alteration to your physical anatomy, but the results are huge.  Your face can look softer and more refined.  And when you like the way you look it affects the way you feel. 

I'd say, including a rare case, I find that Rhinoplasty has a 99% satisfaction rate.  I personally find Rhinoplasty revisions to be rare.  Make sure to really communicate your desired look to your plastic surgeon to avoid having to have an additional surgery in order to achieve the look you desire.  And choose a plastic surgeon that specializes in Rhinoplasty- nose job surgery that has tons of experience. It is helpful to use their before and after photo gallery to find examples of the look you desire (and also what you don't want).  -Dr. Salzhauer

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I personally find the satisfaction rate higher for non-surgical rhinoplasty

This is a great question.  Surgical rhinoplasty can be challenging for many reasons.  Patients often want changes that are significant, but not necessarily obvious.  Striking this balance can be particularly elusive with rhinoplasty surgery.

A major advancement for the field and for individuals not 100% happy with the appearance of their noses, is the use of dermafillers for non-surgical nasal modifications. 

I find most changes can be performed very well with fillers and most patients are very happy with both the modifications and the absence of a visit to the operating room.

Good luck in your search for information!

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Satisfaction Rate of Patients Who Undergo Rhinoplasty


  You have asked a very provocative question.  Satisfaction after surgery is equally dependent on the person having surgery as it is the surgeon performing the surgery.

  For primary cosmetic rhinoplasty every nose should look better after surgery then it did before surgery.  Period.  For some patients a small improvement in shape and size is worthwhile.  For other patients, a large improvement can be failure if it reaches anything less then perfection.  Whether or not a patient is happy with their results can largely be affected by preoperative expectations.  It is very important to discuss with your surgeon what can and cannot be accomplished with surgery.  When expectations are appropriately set before surgery, most rhinoplasty patients are happy with their results. 

  Revision rates for the occasional rhinoplasty surgeon will typically be quoted to be around 15%.  Even the best rhinoplasty surgeons will have a revision rate of around 5%.  The reasons vary, but can be little things like subtle asymmetries or calcium deposits that developed during the recovery period.  The percentage of complete redos should be low for an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Hope this helps.

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Satisfaction after Rhinoplasty

This question may not have a "correct" answer since it really depends on a patients expectations. Most patients are happy with their original rhinoplasty but we know that 10% to 15% need to be revised for various reasons. However, in patients who have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (a condition where minor imperfections cause distress out of proportion to the imperfection), revision are very unlikely to help, and may cause more frustration.

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Many complaints about rhinoplasty results on RealSelf.


1)  This is an excellent question which I have been asking myself.  Dissatisfaction with rhinoplasty results on RealSelf is far, far higher than with any other procedure.  And I don't know why that is.  Rhinoplasty is a difficult operation in general, but it can certainly be mastered.

2)  My guess is that unqualified or inexperienced surgeons are doing rhinoplasties, and that there is not enough patient selection.  If what the patient wants cannot or should not be done, then the patient should just be told that.

3)  In expert hands, maybe 5% of patients will not be thrilled and will need a touch up. It really can be done.

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Satisfaction Rate of Patients who Undergo Rhinoplasty

From the realself data it's 77%. :)

As for the percentage of patients who don't like their results and have revisions?

That is a difficult question to answer with accuracy. The oft-quoted statistic of those who undergo revisions is 15%. I will say that in practices that focus on rhinoplasty, that number is much, much lower. In the low single digits. Therefore, I would go to a surgeon who lists rhinoplasty as their most frequent (or at least top 3) procedure they perform. It's a complex anatomically and functionally and you need to find someone who understands both of those aspects.

Patients undergo revisions for a variety of reasons including poor cosmetic results and poor breathing results. Obviously those things are extremely subjective. I hope that helps.

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