What is the Most Effective Cumulative Dose for Accutane?

I have read that the most effective cumulative dose for Accutane is between 120-150mg/kg. Does this only improve chances of Accutane efficacy if you go beyond the 150mg/kg cumulative dose (e.g. 160mg/kg, 180mg/kg, etc.)? Or is reaching the 150mg/kg about as effective as it's going to get?

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Cumulative Dose for Accutane

I usually shoot for that range when prescribing, but it does depend on things beyond just weight. Such as age, type, severity, and location of acne. Some people will simply need more of the medication to have effective results, and some will need less. Some will need a maintenance course, and some will not. Additionally, the total dosage can depend on the daily dosage one can tolerate, which is based on environment too. There's a lot to consider so it's not just a total cumulative dosage that's used.

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