Accutane: 20mg Twice a Week As Opposed to 20mg a Day?

Hello I was prescribed accutane at 20mg a day. I had bad side effects and was generally very scared. I stopped and now considering trying 20mg every three days? Haven't had the chance to talk to my derm yet but would like some other opinions. My acne is mild but flares up occasionally. I have blackheads that won't go away. Would love clear skin but can't handle the side effects being so prominent - I can literally feel my body reacting badly, i had a lot of pain when I moved. Thanks!

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20mg dosage of Accutane a few times a week

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There are many patients whom I put on a low dosage like this for long-term maintenance, but usually after they've already undergone a regular course. It's important to understand that the purpose of taking Accutane is to get a minimum mg of the medication into your system to combat your weight and the type/severity/location of your acne. Taking it a few times a week will definitely help your skin, but your improvement will take quite a bit longer than taking it daily because you won't be getting the mg into your system as quickly. As long as you and your derm are ok with that, it's a fine way to proceed.

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