Can Accutane Be Prescribed to People with Depression/anxiety?

Would a dermatologist prescribe Accutane to someone with mild depression/anxiety? Does Accutane worsen the depression/anxiety symptoms?

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Accutane and depression

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This largely depends. Are you on medication for your mild depression and anxiety? What does that prescribing physician think? I've had patients over the years come in with mild depression and anxiety and a lot of it had to do with how they looked. So once we put them on Accutane and they started looking and feeling better, some of the depression and anxiety went away too. So there are definitely some pros to taking Accutane, even if you have mild anxiety and depression. But you need to discuss the situation with your other physician and get his or her take on your Accutane regimen. It might be a better idea, too, for you to take a lower dosage (like 10mg) for a longer amount of time, thus having less of any of the possible side effects from Accutane.

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