Is the Chin Implant Procedure Permanent and Life Long Lasting?

hi there,this is lubna, i wanna know that is the chin implant(silicone) is permanent?with the passing of time is there will decrease its volume/bone absorbtion and as a result it will be like before chin implant? after few years do i need to be replaced the old one(silicone)? actually my problem is my double chin and my doctor says to do chin implant,i dont want like this complications, if i want to do neck lift/chin lift for my double chin instead of chin implant then what is your suggetions?

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Chin Implant is Long Lasting

As stated by the other physicians, a solid silicone implant can last a lifetime. Solid silicone does not reabsorb and again, because it is solid, there is no concern with it leaking. Many of my patients that are seeking to Improve their chin and neck elect to have chin implant surgery along with necklift surgery. Without seeing you first, it is difficult to suggest what procedure or combination of procedures might best address your concerns.  Best of Luck, Dr. Clevens

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Longevity of chin implant

A chin implant will last forever if placed correctly in the proper anatomical position to improve the chin profile.  The chin implant gives a stronger profile and adds slight width to the chin area.  Any type of fat removal from the neck will need to be addressed with a neck lift.  During the neck lift procedure fat is removed above and below the platysmal muscle as well as a platysmaplasty if any submental fat has been removed. 

William Portuese, MD
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Chin implant will last a lifetime

Chin implants do not typically require replacement.  When carefully placed, the edges kiss the bone and will not be visible.  A chin implant can improve your double chin, but combined with liposuction under the chin it can often give a stunning result with a very short recovery.


Darrick E. Antell, MD
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Chin implant lifespan

The typical solid silicone implant can last a lifetime. It doesn't reabsorb and has to chance of leaking since it is solid.

Improving your chin projection can help with a double chin, though in some situations a necklift and/or neck liposuction may also be indicated. It's hard to comment on whether these are options in your case without seeing your face and neck.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Longevity of Chin Implant

 A solid silicone chin implant will provide a permanent change; your chin will look different for the rest of your life. An implant wiill increase chin projection and improve your double chin, but you may also need submental liposuction and/or a neck lift. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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