I Am Getting a Terino Square Chin Style 2 Implant..but What Size? (photo)

One of the reasons I like the terino 2 is because of the wings. Large and the XL have a 1 cm difference in the wing length. Which to me is a big difference. I am just wondering if I go with the XL if it will give me a way better defined jawline since the wings are longer. My ps is afraid since it is so wide that it might fold in on itself on the front of my chin. My goal is very prominent chin..and strong defined jaw. I am also having the submental lipo. my chin is .5" in back from my top lip.

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Chin implant and neck lift

 In our experience, we try to underdo a chin implant, not overdo it. It's important that you do not want to look surgical, and look like  you had a chin implant, or have complications from such a large implant being placed.  In addition, a properly performed neck lift will accentuate the chin area along with the implant.  See the link below for examples of neck lift and chin implant

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Pocket Dissection of Square Chin Implants

If good lateral dissection is done back to near the jaw angle area, there will be no risk of the central square part of the implant folding upon itself. Unlike many more typical chin implants, one has to know that very complete dissection must be carried out along the jawline to make sure the implant settles evenly and easily onto the chin area.

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Chin Implant Question

Although this opinion is incomplete without an examination, I would tend to agree with your Plastic Surgeon.  I think that a large implant would produce an aesthetically pleasing result, while an extra large is probably too big.

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