Improving Symmetry in my Lower Face? Cheek/jawline & Chin (I'm 19 - Male) (photo)

Im looking to improve the appearance on my right (ON YOUR LEFT) to make my face more symmetrical with my left side (<-which Im perfectly fine with & dont want to touch). Overall my face looks noticeably asymmetric & crooked. Right (on your left) side is very narrow. Im seeking a permanent solution to fix. Fat graft transfer? Opinions/suggestions/thoughts? Note-CT scan showed no major asymmetry & maxillofacial surgeon told me its fat related. Also never needed braces, never had facial injury

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Fat injection is best for major facial asymmetry

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Fat injection (about 30 to 50cc is the ideal scenario for you. Other temporary injections of hyaluronic acid (example: Voluma, Restylane) are possible, but too expensive on the long term.

Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fat Injections for Chin Asymmetry

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Without a bony basis for asymmetry, fat grafting to one side of the chin is a reasonable option for improvement in asymmetry. Fat grafting is not always predictable so it is possible more than one injection session may be needed. But I would also not completely exclude a small implant placed on one side of the chin only, that is the one guaranteed method of volume retention.

Improving Facial Asymmetry

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Your pictures with 1/2 the face covered may be misleading but I'm going to play devil's advocate and discourage you from having a procedure to improve your facial symmetry. Some degree of asymmetry is normal. Better pictures would be helpful in evaluating your contour. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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