Chin Implant Infection from Wearing the Garment/chin Strap Too Tight? (Photo)

my chin implant/lipo around neck was done 6 wks ago, the incision was healing fine until 2 wks ago i wore the strap too tight it seemed to be the best way to help with the swelling the tighter i wore it.. that night incision was little red, next morning blood-bubble-like breakout w/ non-smelly yellow mucus/drainage little blood, applied antiseptic for a wk better but didn't stop the mucus, dr. rx'ed antibiotics Bactrim and Cipro also OTC antibi oitment 4 days ago but still yellow mucus, itching.

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Chin Implant Infection

It is very important to see your surgeon ASAP, to get examined and get the right diagnosis and course of treatment. The wound need to be closely examined to see if there is direct connection to the implant and the discharge cultured to determine the type of bacteria. If the implant cavity is infected then the implant needs to be removed.

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Very Unlikely a Tight Chin Strap Caused and Infection

It is very unlikely a tight chin strap would cause a chin implant infection.  Sometimes an infection after a chin implant happens.  It sounds like you have a good doctor, and you should be fine.  

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