Teeth Whitening 3months After Rhinoplasty?

Yesterday I had my teeth whitened, 3months post op, I was told not to wear sunglasses for 4months and in this case I needed to wear glasses to shield my eyes, so I taped them to my forehead, it wasn't till after the hour I realized one side was like pressing against my nose, now I can feel a pressure on one side of my nose.. am I just being over paranoid? is it ok?

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Teeth whitening after rhinoplasty

Don't fret!  3 months after rhinoplasty, the nasal bones and nasal tissues should be sufficiently healed to accommodate wearing sunglasses during a teeth whitening procedure. You are still swollen to some degree and undoubtedly sensitive to pressure on the side of your nose, so the symptoms you describe are normal. But rest assured, no damage should be occurring. Between the new nose and whiter teeth, I'm really happy for you!  

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I suspect that your nose did not get damaged


Thank you for the question.  At 3 months both cartilage and bone work in a rhinoplasty would have haled quite well in terms of strength.  I suspect that you have not done any damage by temporarily wearing the glasses as you have described.  This is especially the case if you do not notice any changes in nose shape.

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