Teeth Braces To Correct Protruding Jaw?

Hi I am 26 years old. My upper jaw appears to protrude forward and lower jaw is quite recessed Many suggested surgery for this, but one orthodontic suggest that it can be corrected by putting braces after extracting 4 teeth and doing some implantation(i don't know what exactly mean by this ). He says it it will help to move upper jaw backward and will give good look Any suggestions?

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Protruding upper, recessed lower jaw

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Very simply put. The Dr needs to determine if it's a dental it a boney problem. These are treated in different ways. Bone problems should be addressed and corrected as such. Dental issues are treated with braces.Sometime a combo approach is used. This must be decided at the start of treatment. Facial issues must be discussed and the negative effects of treating a boney problem with just braces explained. If the Dr feels its bony they might not treat you because of the negative results just using braces. Do not go down a road that you can not come back from. Do the correct thing or wait.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Severe overjet, do I need surgery?

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Almost ever orthodontic problem is a combination of a tooth malalignment and a skeletal problem.  The more severe the skeletal problem the harder it is to get an ideal result with braces alone.  At some point the bones are so far off that significant compromises need to be made and the results are less than ideal.  Ever patient and orthodontist has a different idea of just how severe the bone problem has to be to justify surgery.  Bottom line, there is no "right" answer, get as much info and 2nd opinions as you can and go with what seems to make the most sense for YOU....remember, nobody ever died of a bad bite!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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