Braces on Veneers, is It Possible?

I'm a TMD patient who has had TMD issues for 15 years. I've had my uppers restored w veneers and now considering the lowers which are worn down from grinding and I have a complete overbite. The uppper arch is still narrow and the front incisors are straight up and down. I don't really show any teeth when I smile unless I really force it. The Damon Braces site reports that there can give a Damon "Bracelift" which will build up your lower face to give you a more youthful look!

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Braces dont bond to veneers..Invisalign will work best.

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Conventional braces need to be bonded to enamel not porcelain which is what crowns and veneers are made out of.  If you have a deep overbite then there is no Damon bracelift that will correct that unless they are changing your bite first then covering the teeth with veneers. Remember that braces only move teeth but dont make them any longer. You;rs sounds like a complex case so be careful with "Gimmicky" promises...Get a second opinion from a premier provider of Invisalign in your area..

Los Angeles Dentist

Braces on veneers and damon braces

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Yes, braces can be placed on veneers but it is much harder to get them to stick than normal teeth...Invisalign is much easier when people have a lot of veneers

I object very strongly to the whole marketing program of Damon brackets.  They are just a variation of regular braces and have no magical powers! The whole idea that by using them a doctor can perform any sort of special correction that regular braces cannot do is just false...Watch out for anyone promising things that have not been backed up with good scientific proof

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Braces can bond to veneers

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However, the bonding process can scar the porcelain. It is possible to polish out the scar, but may require replacement when finished. So, yes. It IS possible.

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