Should I Remove my Top Canine Teeth for Braces?

Hi I just got braces on last week and my ortho has recommended pulling all 4 wisdom teeth and my top bicuspids... I only have a slight over jet, however he said that my jaw doesn't allign properly and the only way to fix this is by making it appear to line up by removing teeth or to have jaw surgery.... He also said that since I have a good soft tissue profile you can't tell...My concern is that I don't want my facial shape to change. My front teeth only are crowded a lil bit

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Should I get teeth extracted?

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Headline is incorrect....we very seldom extract canines....premolars are much better in general

Done correctly, extractions should not have an adverse effect on your profile and often times extractions are the best way to get a good result.  Remember....I said "done correctly" which means a proper diagnosis by a well trained and experience doctor (in my mind of course this means an orthodontist).  Never hurts to get second opinions

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Removing Teeth Does Not Always Change Facial Shape

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The amount that the upper front teeth can be moved back is determined by the position of the LOWER front teeth. Think about it. If you move the upper front teeth back to fix an overbite, you can only move them back until they rest against the fronts of the lower teeth. It doesn't matter have you get them there whether by using headgear, rubber bands, or removing two upper bicuspids. Profile and lip position are determined by the lower front teeth, not the uppers! Your orthodontist is right.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

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