I Wear the Plastic Retainers Every Night Yet my Bottom Teeth Are Starting to Move?

I have had my braces off for probably 4 years now and I am a 18 year old female, I wear them every night yet one of my lower front teeth is starting to move... I don't know why or how and am beginning to think that wire would've been better?? Thanks.

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Plastic retainers distort

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Over time, plastic retainers can stretch and distort.  Until then, they do a great job keeping things straight, and even when they distort, they don't distort MUCH.  You need to decide if this minor movement is acceptable, or if you should see your orthodontist again.  Orthodontics the second time around is usually NOT as involved as before, perhaps only a few months, so the fees should be reduced.


My preference is a bonded wire retainer, but not all patients will allow that.

Get Advice from your Orthodontist

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Before the teeth have the chance to move further, make sure to visit with your orthodontist to ask his or her opinion.  Don't wait for additional changes as small discrepancies may be resolved with a simple retainer adjustment.  Good communication with your doc is key.

Steven Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD
Portage Orthodontist

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