Will taping the tip 3 weeks after rhinoplasty reduce tip drop?

I had a rhinoplasty including tip reduction just over 3 weeks ago. I actually like slightly upturned noses and was hoping to have a bit more of that as a result of my surgery. When taping to help prevent swelling, I got the idea to just very slightly pull the tip of my nose up (not uncomfortably) with the tape, in hopes that the tip will cease to drop and heal the way that I tape it. I know it sounds crazy, but is there any possibility that this will work?

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Long term effectiveness of taping the nasal tip

There is no doubt that fluid tends to settle in the tip for several months following surgery and that the swelling can make the tip look heavy and "droopy". Taping can help to displace that swelling such that it's not predominantly at the tip due to its position related to gravity. However, once the tape is removed the fluid might come right back to the tip. Additionally, tape can create rashes and redness on the skin or even make the skin break out. 
I am NOT a proponent of taping the nose beyond the first week because I believe the swelling should ultimately diminish and that the underlying structure is what determines the shape and position of the tip. I have seen no good science to support the practice of prolonged taping and I feel the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. That being said, I do feel it's in the best interests of all patients to avoid things that make the swelling more significant (salt, alcohol, hot baths etc.) and to sleep with their heads elevated to minimize the problem.
If swelling is persistent and focal at the 6-8 week mark then I will consider a steroid injection to hasten things along.

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Tip elevation

tip elevation mainly has to do with surgical alteration of the underlying supporting structures. But, taping it could have some slight long term effect as the swelling subsides. You may have to do it for several weeks.

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