Can Taping my Nose Negatively Influence the Recovery?

I've had my rhinoplasty 3 months ago.Unfortunately I'm not happy with the results and it afects me psychologically very's still long time until I can have a revision. I've recently realised that taping my nose(it looks good with tapes)makes me feel much better and makes the waiting much easier.But I don't want to damage my nose more...I would like to know if this could be bad or good for my recovery?I'm taping it exactly the way my doctor told me to do right after i got the cast off.

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Can Taping my Nose Negatively Influence the Recovery?

Sadly, it might.  If sutures were used to secure and thin the nasal tip cartilages, during the previous Rhinoplasty, you taping the nose with too much force or in the wrong place could cause the sutures to rupture.  IMHO, you should have your Rhinoplasty Surgeon instruct you on the proper use of tape or manual lymphatic drainage of the nasal tip and supra tip areas.

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Taping at 3 months after rhinoplasty

I doubt that taping at 3 months will have any positive effect. If you are concerned you should really speak with your surgeon.

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