After Rhinoplasty I've Been Really Depressed, Is it Possible to Reverse Surgery?

It's been about a month after rhinoplasty and I noticed I look weird without my bump I got removed. Every morning I wake-up more sad, knowing I can't look in the mirror without being afraid. I wish I could just take a pill that will make the bone on my nose grow back. I want to know if there is anything I can do, like maybe surgery that can give me the bump back or if there really is a pill or calcium that can make the bone grow back. I feel hopeless, I really need someones help...I'm only 18.

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Depression 1 Month after Rhinoplasty

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Cartilage can be added to your bridge to restore your hump. However, this should not be done just one month after your rhinoplasty. Depression is common after a major change in ones appearance or life. You say you are 18, but I'm sure you are aware of post-partem depression-a magnificent experience that causes depression. Another common experience is depression after a facelift. Books have been written on this topic. At this point you should  be patient, talk to your family or others important in your life, talk to your surgeon, and consider short term counseling.   

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Depression after Rhinoplasty

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What you are describing is not unusual. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon and perhaps your primary care doctor as some counseling may help. While reversing a rhinoplasty is possible, it is not the thing to do and unlikely to restore your old appearance. Most likely, it will take some time for you to accept, and enjoy, your new nose.

Depression after surgery

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I'm sorry you are feeling depressed, but as mentioned, such feelings can be normal after surgery, especially on such a cosmetically sensitive area as the face.  But you should be reassured that if there is a result you are unhappy with, it can be improved.  Adding cartilage or other grafts can correct an excessively reduced dorsum.  Keep your appointments with your surgeon and express your concerns.  

Depressed after rhinoplasty

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Depression or feelings of regret are not common after well planned cosmetic surgery, though if you are very troubled with your decision you should speak to your surgeon about it. It is possible to get some of the essence of your old nose back but it might be better to wait and talk things through with a professional, if necessary, so regrets don't compound. Remember, our outside largely reflects what is within, as cosmetic surgery really has not changed who you are.

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