Tape from Rhinoplasty Isn't Sticking Anymore? Is This Something I Should Be Concerned About?

I had my rhinoplasty surgery this past Tuesday and the tape around and underneath the external splint are starting to not stick to my skin anymore. I can't call my PS b/c he isn't available weekends. So what should I do? Thank you for your time.

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Rhinoplasty dresisng

Each situation is unique and only your rhinoplasty surgeon knows the specific details of your procedure and should be the person commenting on post-operative questions such as this

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Tape coming off after Rhinoplasty

 IMHO, your plastic surgeon should be available whether it's the weekend or not.  Call the office number and ask for him/her to call you back.  You, IMHO, should not place tape over the cast nor remove the cast but strive to follow your surgeons advice on what to do next. 

 None, of the surgeons here, including myself, will know what was done to your nose during the Rhinoplasty and we should not be giving instructions to a fresh post surgical patient, from another surgeon, for that very reason.

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Rhinoplasty splint not sticking

The splint is left on six to seven days after rhinoplasty, though in hot weather or with very oily skin the splint may hang on for five. You can place an over tape to hold it down, though if it hurts to press or is already off you should be OK. Up this way surgery is a 24/7 occupation. Hope your surgeon had a nice weekend off.

Best of luck,


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5-7 days

The splint normally stays on between 5-7 days. If the tape is loose at this point, it most likely will not affect your result. Call your Plastic Surgeon ASAP for instructions.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
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Loss of adhesive after Rhinoplasty

If it close to 7 days since your Rhinoplasty, I would not be concerned that the tape has falled off.  If you are only 2-3 days out from surgery, I do think that you should find a way to get in touch with your surgeon ASAP.

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Splint After Rhinoplasty

Hi Rayna. After rhinoplasty, the nasal splint is typically removed after about 7 days. Generally, if it falls off a couple of days early, it should not present a big problem. If the splint comes off entirely, just be careful not to injure your unprotected nose. Make sure you contact your surgeon as soon as he is available to solicit his advice. Good luck.

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Tape not Sticking after Rhinoplasty

First of all, your doctor should always be available or have someone on call for them for emergency coverage.   While this is by no means an emergency, it is very strange to hear someone say their doctor is not available.

As for your concern, it are likely okay.  As long as you are careful, it is okay if the splint comes off after a few days.  It sounds like it has been on since Tuesday, so you should be fine.  However, if you have any concern, you should contact your doctor's office.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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