Is it safe to use a tampon while being under anesthesia for rhinoplasty? Or use a pad?

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Use of a Tampon/Pad uder Anesthesia

The battle over using a tampon or a pad mainly refers to the risks of TSS, toxic shock syndrome. This should not be of concern with a rhinoplasty unless you think that after the surgery you would not be able to change your tampon in a timely manner. It is safe to use a tampon during this type of surgery, but a pad may be your safest bet. Speak with the nursing staff and/or your surgeon beforehand as they may have a preference.


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Tampon during surgery

the risk of toxic shock is quite small if you change the tampon regularly.  I have done surgery on patients while a tampon is in place without problems, but definitely check with your surgeon before surgery.

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No tampon during surgery

It is never advisable to use tampon during surgery. The risk of an infection called Staphylcoccal Shock Syndrome is always there. It is better to use a pad and change as necessary.



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Rhinoplasty and Menstruation

Rhinoplasty does not effect the safety of tampons or pads. The concern with tampons is that if they are left in too long they can cause toxic shock. If you have anesthesia and are recovering and neglect changing the tampon in a timely manner, problems can occur that will not occur with a pad. For Rhinoplasty this is not usually a big concern, for Tummy Tucks a pad is preferable.

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Rhinoplasty surgery question

Dear ilovecandy,

  • Yes you should be safe either way, a pad is probably better
  • Just change it after surgery
  • Let your surgeon know

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Having period before surgery

We recommend using pad. Please let the nursing staff know about this. Good luck, Dr. Sadati

Kevin Sadati, DO
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