Can I Reduce Nose Wings Lenght Only with Cartilage Removal? (photo)

My nose tip is very round and my nostrils are visibly assymetric. I was wondering if it's possible to make it look like the after pic I did on photoshop without having to cut it open from outside and reposition it. Like, would it be possible to make it shorter removing cartilage through a closed rhinoplasty? And at the same refine the tip like it shows on the pic and still look natural? Would you say I'm a good rhinoplasty candidate or is my nose good as it is? Thank you.

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Shorter nose and refined nose tip with closed rhinoplasty

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Almost all primary rhinoplasties can be addressed through closed rhinoplasty techniques.  Whether rhinoplasty is performed opened or closed depends on the surgeon’s preference and experience.  To decrease the wings, a small amount of cartilage can be removed from the sides of the nasal tip, which can be done through a closed technique.  A more square boxy tip will require additional tip suturing techniques, but does not appear to be the case here.

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Nasal Tip Refinement

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Nasal tip refinement surgery or Tip-plasty can improve the shape and symmetry of the nasal tip and cartilage. In most cases this is done through an open rhinoplasty approach which places an incision at the middle of the columella (the soft tissue bridge between your nostrils). The tip-plasty can also be performed through a closed or intranasal approach. This is a bit more challenging for most surgeons. But it can be done.
Thank you for your photos and question!
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