I hit my nose on saturday and got an xray. It causes me headaches and pain. Should I see another doctor? Can it be fixed?(photo)

I broke my nose saturday. Saw a doctor monday. Got an xray Tuesday. Saw an ent wednesday, who told me to wait and get it cosmetically fixed later. It causes me pain everyday, and most of the time I can't breathe correctly. All he gave me was nasal spray. But I can't help but feel this pain isn't normal. It's my nose, I want it to not be broken or heal crooked.

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Broken nose repair after nasal trauma

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It appears on the x-ray and the photographs that you have broken your nose.  A non displaced nasal fracture usually does not need to be repaired. A displaced nasal fracture will need to be re-set with osteotomies and a cast placed across the bridge line. For many examples of crooked and does repair in our practice, please see the link below

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Nasal fracture

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Watching and waiting is the proper course of action at this time. No definitive diagnosis can be made with the amount of swelling currently present. While doing nothing is sometimes the most difficult course of action, in this case it is the most prudent. A well informed plan can be outlined in a few weeks to ensure that you get the appropriate surgery.

Earl E. Ferguson III, MD, FACS
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I hit my nose on saturday and got an xray. It causes me headaches and pain. Should I see another doctor? Can it be fixed?

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Based on your x-ray--it appears that you have fracture and would require surgery to correct your problems-- seek an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgery who specializes in nose surgeries.

I hit my nose on saturday and got an xray. It causes me headaches and pain. Should I see another doctor? Can it be fixed?

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In this case I recommend 10 days waiting time to allow ALL the swelling to subside. Than have Nasal surgery. 

Nasal fracture with external deformity and breathing problem 1 week post-injury.

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Your X-ray clearly shows a significant fracture, but IMHO is (was) an unnecessary test. Your nose is visibly deformed after your injury, and your breathing is obstructed. This means your nose was both deformed by the injury, and the airways were obstructed--surgery is required for either or perhaps both reasons. The external deformity won't get better without surgery, and the airway obstruction could be due to swelling or anatomic deformity related to the injury. So even though surgery is necessary on the basis of the externally-visible deformity, we can't tell for sure if surgery for the airway is needed until your swelling goes down.

Although you technically have about another week to reposition your nasal deformity to a more straight position, there is no way to assure that this will have any beneficial effect on your breathing, because of the swelling. Plus, there is still a very real possibility that your repositioned nose may still develop a bump or other irregularity that was not present before your injury--surgery then needed.

So, the smart money is on waiting for the swelling to go down, understanding that the external deformity will require surgery anyway, and delaying the surgery until the internal swelling is settled enough to assess the airways and maximize the surgical improvement of not only appearance but function (breathing). That's why I don't really need an X-ray--surgery is in your future regardless. But other things are also seen and cleared by the X-ray, so it's certainly not a total waste, just not helpful in the decision-making process related to nasal surgery or not.

So, yes, it's your nose, and even though it has been fractured and damaged, you really want one operation, not two. So accept the temporary pain and breathing deficit, and allow things to settle for the time length your ENT consultant has recommended. I would do the same. "Fixing" it now might only end up causing a less-reliable repair, and a higher likelihood of requiring re-operation 6-12 months later. So please be patient; you are getting proper advice. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Nasal fracture

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If your nose is significantly deviated from the fracture than it is usually a good idea to have it reduced within the first few weeks. Commonly a second procedure has to be performed about 6 months later to correct bumps or deviations.

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Distal nasal fracture

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The type of nasal fracture that you have is very common.  It is like breaking off the end of the diving board.  The surrounding soft tissues will hold the bone in place as it heals.  If you develop a bump on your nasal dorsum in the future it can be treated.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Nasal fracture

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Generally speaking an acute nasal fracture, if deviated, can be reduced via a closed reduction within 2 weeks of injury after that it best to wait allow all the swelling to go down and then undergo a formal septorhinoplasty

Dr Corbin

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