Can hanging columella & excess scar tissue be improved without a major surgery (local anesthesia or steroid improvement)?(Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty in '02 and a revision in '07. Both were open technique. I am happy with the improvements on my nose but not with the resulting hanging columella and a lot of what appears to be hard cartilage/scar tissue in the septum. I really don't want to go for another major surgery now or have general anesthesia but want to know if there is a simple procedure that can improve the columella/remove some of the scar tissue. I am not looking for perfection- just improvement

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Treatment of Hanging Columella and Excision of Scar Tissue

This can be accomplished under local anesthesia with a relatively minor procedure. This is not a simple procedure but is relatively minor in the hands of a rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Revision for Hanging Columella

Thank you for the pictures and your questions. In rhinoplasty, the more times the nose has been operated, the more difficult modifications become. The hanging columella is a problem in the tip cartilages. In your case, it looks like these are bowed outward. There are more or less involved ways of dealing with this -- from shaving the front of the cartilages to repositioning them more posteriorly. In some cases, tip work can be done under local anesthesia in the office. This is very patient-specific, however. Please visit with your surgeon to discuss your specific case.

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