So now what? Disappointed 5 months after lift with augmentation (Photos)

About 5 months ago I underwent a breast lift with augmentation 260cc high profile silicone gel implants. I was extremely deflated before so it is a definite improvement, however I'm feeling very disappointed with the lack of perkiness. I'm just feeling like they are still droopy and I'm definitely still failing the infamous "pencil test". So what are my options at this point.... thank you

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Is good enough?

I'll bet there is a big change from what you had. I understand women's desire for the ultimate in perky when they consider a lift and implant. I'm not sure where your implants are or what your surgeon did so it's hard to advise.

But, implants placed beneath the muscle and a good mastopexy/reduction procedure often works powerfully to elevate the station of the breasts on your chest wall and to minimize ptosis of the breast (sagging).

Discuss with your surgeon and embrace your wonderful improvements!

So now what? Disappointed 5 months after lift with augmentation (Photos)

I would say I think you have a very nice result.  The reality is that many patients with very thin skin and deflation suffer from post op glandular ptosis because their skin envelope does not have the strength to keep them uplifted.  Outside of trying to place a Autogenous Dermal Matrix, which can be quite costly, there probably is little that can be done.  I do believe most Plastic Surgeons would agree with my assessment.  

Disappointed 5 months after lift with augmentation

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment. Options include revisionary surgery which will likely involve capsulorraphy,  additional breast lifting surgery, and/or the use of different breast implants. Of course, much will depend on your specific concerns/goals;  these are best communicated with your plastic surgeon in front of a full-length mirror and with the help of goal photographs.  Best wishes.

Disappointed with lift & augmentation

Thank you for your question.  If a person's skin has poor elasticity, no matter how tight and lifted it is initially after surgery, it will relax afterward.  The pencil test is not always a realistic gauge of a successful operation.  However if you are wondering about your options you could certainly discuss secondary procedures with your surgeon.

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