Are 6 crowns on top the best fix for pointy canine and small lateral teeth? (photos)

Dentist recommended 6 zirconium crowns to top front teeth. Nothing to bottom teeth. Teeth are healthy, no cavities, no damage,healthy gums. I have open bite and grind back teeth. Will start using mouth guard at night. The front teeth don't touch each other! I am 29

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Crowns on top

Hi and thanks for your question. What i recommended you is to visit and ortodontist. Your teeth are beutiful, with a good orthodontist you can get that amazing smile you are looking for in a year. Then a bonding for laterals and thats it! Healthier, beautifull and cheaper.

Good luck!

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Pointy Canines

Under no circumstances should you put crowns on your teeth! You have 2 issues: your open bite and the cosmetic aspect of your teeth. The bite cannot and should not be corrected with crowns, and the canines and laterals can easily be corrected with bonding to reshape them. The bite would need the help of an orthodontist as well as possibly an oral surgeon.

It is a terrible idea!

Please do not let a dentist drill on your beautiful,natural, healthy teeth. They simply need to be aligned properly. It will cost you less to treat your condition with Orthodontics rather than drill your teeth down and pay for crowns on 6 teeth If you just treat 6 teeth it's going to look bad. It will be very obvious that they've been treated as your arch is narrow and should be widened with Orthodontics. You also have an anterior open bite, and I don't think that's going to be corrected properly with the restorative work you've talked about. Orthodontic treatment using brackets and wires or Invisalign could do so much for you without destroying any of your enamel. It would also correct the lower arch crowding which is going to get worse. This would correct your open bite, widen your smile, align your teeth, and prevent you from having your nice teeth drilled down. You should have some additional space be created around your upper lateral incisors and then no prep  thin veneers could be made to make your lateral incisors the proper  size. Do you want to lose good healthy tooth structure? Do you want to pay more than you have to and have artificial crowns instead of your own natural teeth? Please get a consultation and second opinion from an experienced cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist before you do anything to your teeth.

6 zirconia Crowns

Get a second opinion from an orthodontist! You are very young and putting crowns on your teeth is a very aggressive move. Moving your teeth into a more ideal position and correcting your open bite will allow you to have a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. After your bite and tooth position is corrected you can reshape your canines and place two very conservative veneers on your laterals. This is a much more ideal treatment plan for someone your age.

Will 6 crowns fix open bite and pointy canines? #DrSoftTouch

You have two options: the first would include orthodontics to move your teeth into a more ideal position and correct your open bite. After completing orthodontic treatment, I would recommend veneering your lateral incisors and reshaping your canines. The other option, with would only take two appointments, would require crowning your teeth to correct your open bite and make your smile more symmetrical. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and determine which is best for you. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.  

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