Should I have crowns reglazed?

While wearing porcelain crowns with temporary cement, dentist did some adjusting on the back that resulted in the glaze being removed. The glaze is still on the front of crowns. Will the glaze being removed from the back make the front glaze come off? Should I have them reglazed? Should I be responsible for the lab cost to reglaze them?

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Glaze is bad for opposing teeth

It is actually better to NOT glaze. The teeth that chew against the glazed crowns will wear at a high rate, that it is actually better/more gentle to have the crowns highly polished. 

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Reglazing crowns

It really isn't necessary to reglaze the backs of the crowns. Your dentist should be able to polish them in the office. If they are reglazed there isn't usually a charge. 

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