Is a Swollen Columella After Open Rhinoplasty Normal?

I had Open Rhinoplasty a little over 2.5 weeks ago to reduce a big hump and an overall droopy appearance to my nose. The hump is totally gone and I like my profile, the only problem I have is that I think my Columella is abnormally swollen? It was never this long or wide before surgery but now its as hard as a rock. Will it RISE?!?! It's swollen above the incision and continues to be swollen up to the tip of my nose. I would appreciate any answers you could give me. thanks.

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Swollen Columella

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It is normal for your columella to be swollen 3 weeks after surgery. The hardness is secondary to that swelling. If it does not rise with resolution of the swelling over the next 6-9 months, it will be easy to surgically elevate the columella.

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Swollen columella after rhinoplasty.

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The swelling will go away slowly over 3-6 months. If it is "hanging" after that you will need to have it excised by your surgeon. For now, relax and it will probably be normal.

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Rhinoplasty swelling

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2.5 weeks after your surgery is too soon to see the final results  Swelling can take up to 3-4 mo to completely resolve.  I'd keep communicating with your surgeon.  If after a year you still don't like the way your columella looks, I'm sure he/she'd be happy to revise it. 

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

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