Will Swelling Post-rhinoplasty Get Worse in the Summer Heat?

7 weeks post tip rhinoplasty - swelling is worse. Is it connected with summer heat? I had tip rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago (bulbous tip was narrowed). I imagine there was a lot of work done with cartilage. I am taking pictures of my nose as time goes, and I noticed that 10 days after the surgery the nose looked better than it does now (and in the morning it's even worse). I was wondering if part of this swelling is due to the heat outside(but then why after spending a night in a room with AC it is even worse?) How long does the noticeable swelling last after just tip rhinoplasty?

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Nasal Swelling after Rhinoplasty

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Severity of swelling may vary during the healing process secondary to external factors such as activity and temperature as well as internal changes such as improvement of circulation after surgery. This will resolve. In the meantime, enjoy the air conditioning. 

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Swelling 7 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty, Is it the Summer Heat?

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Hi Aida,

The swelling of your nose 7 weeks post rhinoplasty may be due to healing lymphatics and blood vessels, but you should return to your rhinoplasty surgeon for evaluation and to insure that you don't have an infection or foriegn body reaction.  Good luck and be well.  Oh, and stay cool this summer.

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