Is Swelling Post-rhinoplasty Hard to the Touch?

I had my surgery end of march, and my cast removed on monday, Since then my nose has been huge, even bigger then before my surgery, I worry. I know is swelling but when i touch it it feels so hard like a bone. So if its a bone is not good because my nose looks huge ;(. My nose was very wide thick fat, so i wanted that to be thinned out. It doesnt look thin it looks fat on pictures (thick) and it is very hard. is swelling supposed to be hard?

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Post surgical swelling can be firm

Very normal. As all of us will tell you, it is expected to have some degree of swelling after rhinoplasty for up to a year, so having firmness at this early stage is well within normal limits. So is the degree of swelling. I often tell patients to expect the swelling to resolve similar to water leaving a bathtub, slowly refining from the high bridge to the low tip. Same behavior for the firm swelling. Remain patient and enjoy the refinement to come.

And I too like using kenalog injections for firm swelling or retained swelling after rhinoplasty, but like to wait for one month or more post op to utilize.

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Postoperative rhinoplasty swelling is normal and lasts for at least 6 months

The hard peritip nasal swelling is usually what patients feel postoperatively.  The hard feel to the nasal tip and peritip area of the nose is the actual swelling.  If a graft was used, it would also contribute to the hard feeling.  Peritip swelling also is variable depending upon the technique.  Swelling will usually be more prolonged with thick skin and is usually greater and more prolonged after open rather than closed rhinoplasty.  However, one should wait at least 4 to 6 months before evaluating the surgical outcome. 

William J. Binder, MD
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Swelling After Rhinoplasty

Swelling always occurs immediately after surgery and may be firm. The severity and duration of this swelling depends on the original problem and the techniques used by your surgeon. Be patient and see your physician. Your concerns are probably unfounded, but normal.  

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

It is far too soon to tell. If you had a great deal of internal work and an open rhinoplasty (a small incision across the bottom of the nose) it is not uncommon to have this. Call your plastic surgeon on Monday, and see if you can get in to see him/her just for reassurance. Occassionally I will add a small shot of steroid if I feel there is more swelling than expected.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Swelling is usually soft, but it's not unusual for the skin to feel a little firm at this stage.  You had surgery such a short time ago, that I would expect you to be more swollen now than you were prior to surgery.  You'll notice a fair amount of change over the next 6 weeks, and then more gradually over the next 6-12 months.  Be patient and be sure to address any concerns with your surgeon as well.  Good luck, /nsn.

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Nasal swelling is different because of the unique position of the nasal tip.  Swelling in the tip will hang around for a year to more after sugery.  Other aspects of the facial swelling and nasal sidewall swelling will decrease over 2 to 6 weeks.   It is early after your procedure so hang in there.

Your swelling is normal

You still have brusing under eyes and this means than you have long way to go . Talk to your doctor and it may take up to one year to see the final result.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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It is too soon to judge your results only 2 weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Swelling in the tip after Rhinoplasty Surgery may feel very firm to the touch. Your tip will be firm for several months. You shouls start to see tip refinement over the ensuing month.

I think you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon for more reassurance.

I hope you find this helpful.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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