Sunken Eyes Due to Sudden Weight Loss and Poor Life Style, Depression?

I am 25 year old female, I have developed sunken eyes from past 3 years because of sudden weight loss and my poor lifestyle , i am also suffering from depression from last year i have developed good life style and i have balanced diet with lot of fruits n water but still there is no change in my eyes condition. I have had my full body check up , i have no medical complication besides depression..even if i get weight, will i get my eye out or i should consider fat grafting?please help :(

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Stable weight

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First and foremost, your mental health should come first. It is never a great idea for a patient to consider surgery during a depressed state as you decision making capability are not optimum.

As far as fat grafting goes, you should at be at your stable weight when decision for surgery is made. Having your surgery at your thinnest or at your most heavy is not a good idea, because your results will change as your weight stabilizes.


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Sunken Eyes in 25 Year Old and Fat Grafting

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  I would establish a healthy weight.  At your age, it is unusual to need fat grafting.  If you regain your weight and you still have an issue, then see a plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles

Fat transfer to the eyes

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Dear anudelhi,

  • Weight loss can cause the eyes to look more sunken
  • Fat transfer surgery may not be the right option for you because if you continue to lose weight, the results will not last
  • You should first take care of your depression before doing any cosmetic surgery, surgery will not cure your depression

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