Should I have to pay to remove a piece of bone in my gum?

Two months ago a dentist removed one tooth but I guess she left a piece of bone so now when I put my denture and put pressure in it, it hurts like when I eat. So now they told me a surgeon has to remove the piece of bone but I have to pay $280.00 for it.

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Having to pay for a second surgery

These are always sticky situations. It is normal that bone spurs can develop after an original surgery. However it is rare when inly a single tooth is removed. If a dentist is qualified enough to remove the tooth, she should be qualified to remove the bone spur.  Referring you to another dentist for that is questionable in my mind. In our practice we try hard to provide outstanding service to our clients, which means occasionally doing a very simple procedure like that without charging for it. Even though it is fair to charge for the procedure, it does not create good will between you and your doctor. 

Best of luck. 

Dr. Christian Yaste

Bone spur

I'm sorry to hear that you are having discomfort. When teeth are removed there will be changes in the boney contour. Over time there can be places that heal with contours that rub on your denture. Sometimes it is necessary to perform a second surgery to smooth the sharper edges. This doesn't mean the dentist did anything wrong. It is fair that you need to cover the cost of this second surgery.

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