Is it normal for a dentist to leave you awake while extracting all of their teeth and placing implants?

I am getting top and bottom implant dentures. My dentist is not set up to put me to sleep during the extraction of all of my teeth or implantation of the 8 posts. He states that it is not necessary and he is not set up to do so. I am paying him 16 thousand dollars. He has good reviews and has a 3D imaging in office for such procedures. He gave me a script for a sedative. I just wonder if a dentist isn't set up for that should I wonder about his ability to give me an awesome smile?

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Normal to be awaken while placing implants

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yes, many patients like to be aware, but my suggestion is that you should have conscious sedation, you will not feel nothing, and you will have great experience on placing implants, you will not feel nothing, and you will wake up with everything set.go for it, you will love it.and if not, just let the doctor do what its necessary.


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I do this regularly. Most prefer to be vivid as they want to feel present & want to notice how the doctor works (rough vs delicate).  It's a long surgery, but still just dental surgery.  Options I offer are a sleepy pill or to bring in an anesthesiologist for i.v. deep sedation, but then it gets costly.  Oral surgeons offer conscious i.v. sedation, but now you have separate treatment and costs for each doctor.

It isn't as bad as you think. And when conscious, you can always ask for more anesthesia if it hurts.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist


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The real question is are you comfortable being awake for this procedure? Your dentist may be excellent at surgery and restorative work, but this is a very invasive procedure and most patients prefer to be put to sleep to have it done. There are many sounds and lots of pressure that can be stressful to a patient. Ask your dentist if it is possible to bring in a dental anesthesiologist who can handle putting you to sleep while your dentist does the surgery. It adds additional cost but it will be worth the added expense.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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