What Can I Expect From Fat Transfer To Stretch Marks? How Does It Compare to Fraxel? (photo)

Hi! I am interested in injections of fat containing stem cells into my stretch marks. What can i expect from this treatment with respect to my upper (thin ones) and lower level (thick ones) stretch marks? (And as a further question maybe, how would the results compare to fraxel?) (Due to scar formation, i am not interested in tummy tuck) Thanks a lot!

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Stretch marks ...fraxel or stem cells

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Both fraxel and stem cells are equally ineffective for stretch marks. For your type of stretch marks only an excision and stretching the skin (tummy tuck ) would work

Expect nothing from either treatment

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Both of these are completely bogus.  There is no successful treatment for stretch marks other than excision as in a tummy tuck.  Save your money, don't fall for the "stem cell" or "laser" promised magic - there is none.

If it is Snake Oil that you seek, it will be Snake Oil that you find

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Hi there-

I believe you can expect to be out of some money, with no benefit to your appearance, and to have a bad taste in your mouth when you realize you've been taken advantage of by someone promising outcomes they can't deliver in order to make money. Things that sound too good to be true STILL ARE...

If there were a quick and easy shortcut to making stretch marks go away, believe me, ALL of us would be offering it!

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