8 Days Ago I Had Fat Transferred into my Lips and I Don't Like It, How Can I Even it Out?

8 days ago I had fat transferred into my lips and I don't like it. I lost my signature smile and don't even look like myself. Is there something I can do to stop the fat from taking? I wish I never did the procedure. =( I just want to look like my old self again. I was told during my pre-op that 80% would stay. Is there something I can do to make that 30%? Oh and it's lumpy on one side... can I massage it to at the very least even it out?

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Patience is a virtue

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Fat transfer to any part of the body takes some time to even out and have the immediate swelling go down.  This is measured in weeks or months and most fat transfer surgeons would not consider revising the procedure prior to the 6 month mark.  Try to to be patient and follow up as instructed with your surgeon.  Hopefully your results improve over time.

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Unhappy with fat injections into lips for augmentation

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Unfortunately, fat transfer to the lips is not a very good choice and that includes both immediately and potentially long term. You will still have a lot of inflammation at this point in time which can take quite a while to subside. Without any specific information on your procedure and given your concerns, you need to return to your doctor and discuss this whole issue as well as the potential options. This is not an easy problem to precisely reverse. 

Fat Transfer is a good procedure EXCEPT to the lips

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Taking fat from one part of yoru body and placing it in another area (autologous fat transfer) is a great procedure. It can be used to augment the butt, the breasts, and fix dents that may have resulted from poor liposuction.  In my opinion, there is one part of the body where autologous fat transfer is a bad idea - the lips.  The injected fat can be lumpy, uneven, and can grow! The fat will always behave like the place it was taken from. This means that weight gain can cause the fat to grow.  If this happens in the butt or breasts or other areas, it is not a big deal because it is hard to notice. However, a small amount of growth in the lips can be disfiguring. This is why I don't inject fat into the face or lips. I have seen many patients who are unhappy with fat transfer to the face and lips. This is a difficult problem to correct and often involves surgically removing the fat through very meticulous liposuction with extremely small cannulae (micro-liposuction).

Disappointed Fat Augmentation of Lips

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Unlike using Restylane or Juvederm a fat transfer to the lips causes much more inflammatory swelling and cannot be readily reversed. The swelling you are unhappy with now may subside to reveal a much more attractive and acceptable result. At this point trying to crush, roll and shift the fat to prevent its take may result in much worse swelling and areas of nodules which may be far more disappointing. Please consult with your surgeon on what is best.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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