How to straighten little tilted nose?

I'm 16 years old male, I discovered that may nose is tilted little right. I have severe septum deviation, and am planning for Septoplasty when I'm 18. Will it straighten my nose and if Septorhinoplasty is needed, will it change overall appearance of my nose? I don't want size, height, shapes of nostrils to be changed, they are very symmetrical and my profile is flawless.

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Septorhinoplasty to Straighten Nose

Dear mayakut~

If depends which portion of the septum is deviated and whether you are having any breathing issues. If, as you describe, the entire nose is deviated and this is visible externally, then the portion of your septum that runs along your bridge likely needs to be straightened as well as whatever internal portion is deviated. This will change the appearance in that your nose will appear straighter after the surgery. It is possible to straighten the nose without changing the appearance of the nostrils, tip, or rest of your nose.  It is not possible to say without an exam, but you may also need to have your nasal bones broken (osteotomies) to straighten your nose.

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Deviated Septum

Yes, if a deviated septum is causing the crooked nose, it can be straightened without changing anything else.

If the deviated septum is associated with difficulty breathing and airway obstruction, it may be covered by your health insurance carrier.

Without insurance, the present out of pocket expense is $4100 which includes the Board Certified Professional fee, Board Certified Anesthesia fee, and Medicare Approved Surgicenter fee.

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How to correct a little tilted nose. Septoplasty? Rhinoplasty? or both?

thanks for your questions.
Without seeing photos or in person consultation it is difficult to render an opinon.
if the tilt is minimal and you are otherwise very happy with the rest of your nose features, then I would not do anything or do minimal hayluronic acid injection in the hand of an expert injector.
If your breathing is greatly affected, then a septoplasty or septorhinoplasty may be the best option.
If you are not happy with the shape and can not breath well then a septorhinoplaty is a good option for you.
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Dr. Sajjadian

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How to straighten little tilted nose?

It is possible to repair a deviated septum without changing the appearance of the nostrils and profile. I would recommend an in-person consult with a board certified rhinoplasty specialist. He or she will be able to evaluate your nose in person and provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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