Will Touching My Nose After Rhinoplasty Cause Damage?

Its been 1 week (i still have the splint on though) and I can breathe pretty normally (the bruising is almost 100% gone as well). However, I'm a very fidgety person and i can't stop touching my nose, and occasionally giving a little nudge on either side (not so much that it hurts though). I had a graft put into the top bridge of my nose that is currently sewn in (stitches will be removed soon) and a little (not a whole lot) shaved from my bridge (no bone breaking though). Did I do damage? help!

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Touching nose

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At this stage keep your fingers away. Don't push or rub excessively. You went to a lot of effort and expense here so don't do anything which could shift your graft or cause infection.

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Touching nose after rhinoplasty

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Touching your  nose is probably fine, but no pushing or manipulating please! As stated above, cartilage grafts are placed very specifically and you do not want to cause any shift.  The splint should really help prevent that.  If you have any concerns and have noticed a change in the appearance then see your plastic surgeon to discuss.  Good luck!

Touching your nose after a rhinoplasty

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It is best to avoid touching and manipulating your nose after rhinoplasty during the initial few weeks of the healing process.   It is rare to cause permanent damage but, the tip and cartilage grafts are delicately shaped and held in position by very fine sutures that can be disrupted. In some cases a little bit of pressure before they have healed in place will shift them out of position.  

If you notice any change in shape or appearance in your nose after a rhinoplasty or feel something "move out of place", you should inform and see your surgeon as soon as possible. 

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