Is Scarring After Open Rhinoplasty Permanent?

hello i had a revision open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and i'm worry about the scar. the part that was flipped is red and i don't feel the tip when i touch it . it's like 2 different parts under the nose. will i stay like that or is it swelling. and my nostrils don't look the same. should i us keto cole under my nose?? thanks

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Rhinoplasty and scarring

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Any incision in the skin makes a scar – and scars are permanent.  Usually, the scar for rhinoplasty will fade over time and in most cases become inconspicuous.  Talk with your plastic surgeon before applying any creams or ointments to the incision area.

Scarring for Open Rhinoplasty

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You can try KeloCote, and it is quite early to determine that this is scarring.  Give things time and discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Nasal Scar after Open Rhinoplasty

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Three weeks is still very early to judge results after rhinoplasty, open or endonasal (closed). Nasal swelling lasts for a very long time. The nose will continue to improve over months as swelling subsides.

Technically, a scar will always be present after open rhinoplasty. The incision, however, typically heals very well and is not noticeable. Typically, once an adequate healing time has occurred, the incision is only visibly if one actively looks for it.

Speak with your surgeon regarding any concerns you have. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


Scarring after open rhinoplasty

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3 weeks post op is too soon to worry about scarring/swelling/asymmetry issues. Please be patient as rhinoplasty surgery does take a long time to heal. Expect to have numbness, 'woody' sensation of nose, and prolonged swelling. I usually tell my patients that nose surgery usually takes about a year to completely heal and appreciate final results. That being said, you can have a good idea of what your final 'look' will be after 6 months. I usually don't recommend using any type of ointments on rhynoplasty scars until all the redness has resolved. Best of luck, Dr H

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