Is Steroid Injection Optimal for Reducing Very Minor Bone Callus on Nasal Bridge After Injury?

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Can a steroid be used to reduce a bone callus on the nasal bridge?

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Injection of a steroid such as Kenalog is a great way to help reduce swelling following rhinoplasty surgery. When combined with 5-Flourouracil, it can also help soften and possibly reduce scar tissue that is present from other surgeries. However, I would not recommend using a steroid to reduce the appearance of a bone callus on the bridge. This is something that needs to be addressed by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. From here, I would recommend an in-person exam by board certified specialist. He/she will be able to address your needs and recommend some options for you. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck!

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Steroid Injection After Nasal Injury?

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No. Steroids will not reduce the bone content in this case it sounds and I would make sure you see a qualified nose surgeon before you consider this. Usually we use steroid for scars that are thick and we want to soften them or deter their formation.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Nose Bump After Injury

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Hi yacosta0361-

Steroid injection to the nasal bridge after a recent injury is probably not a good idea.  A case could be made for an injection If the bump persists several weeks (months) after the injury.  An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to advise you. Good luck. 

Dr. K


Thomas E. Kaniff, MD, FACS
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal Trauma

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A proper evaluation of the inside and outside of your nose is warranted to determine the extent of your injury and how best to remedy the situation.  Steroids would probably NOT be the ideal way to address any elevation on your nasal bridge.  Please consult with a board certified specialist (facial plastic/ENT) who can best evaluate your nasal structures and assist you with achieving the results you seek.

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Steroid Injections

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Steroid injections will probably not be the best way to treat this issue.


My suggestion would be to see a doctor that specializes in Rhinoplasty and let he/she evaluate.


Feel free to send me pics and I will review. 

Jon E. Mendelsohn, MD
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal bump rhinoplasty

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Dear yacosta0361,

Unfortunately, steroid injections do not take down bone calluses

They actually thin the skin and soft tissue, probably making the bump worse

See a rhinoplasty specialist if it bothers you to explore your options

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Steroid Injections for Nasal Trauma

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A thorough examination by a specialist will provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your recent injury. Steroid injections are typically used by some surgeons to reduce swelling in the tissue after rhinoplasty surgery. These are typically done in the tip of the nose and not on the bridge. The best advice is to see a specialist for expert opinion. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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