Forearm pain and compression garment (Photo)

Hi, my surgery was 7 weeks ago. My right forearm hurts, I can stretch my arm completely but it hurts when I do.. like it is pulling from the wrist to the elbow (inner part). Also, I bought a compression garment and it feels comfortable on the upper and lower side of arm but in the middle seems to press and it makes this pain worse. Do you think maybe it is too tight? or should I just wear it until I get used to it? Thanks.

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Post-Op Arm Lift in Melbourne, Florida

Although many patients are beginning to feel back to normal by 7 or 8 week postop, everyone is different. Keep in mind that as your body is healing, your body is forming scar tissue, which can feel like an itching, burning, or pulling sensation. Generally speaking, if things are healing well by this point, it is perfectly safe to stretch and massage the area. I would discuss this in detail with your board-certified plastic surgeon, including your concerns about the garments. I hope this is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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Arm lift - severe arm pain at 7 weeks

Thank you for your question about your arm lift.

  • It sounds as though your compression garment is too tight.
  • A garment should always be comfortable and should never cause pain.
  • I tell my patients to cut any garment that is tight - until any associated pain is completely gone.
  • I strongly suggest that you contact your surgeon and ask if you should do the same.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Hello, this could be related to abnormal compression from your garment. Nerves and muscles do not like compression...and since you said its worse with compression...this may be likely. I would bring your garment into your surgeons office so that they can examine you arm and take a look at the garment and how it fits. Good Luck. 

Paul W. Papillion, MD
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Armlift pain

Typically by 2 months the discomfort should be resolving.  If you still have pain it may be due to uneven compression with pressure points where it is bothering you.
I would suggest showing your plastic surgeon or his staff the garment you are wearing and see if they feel the fit is good.  By 2 months, I normally will have my patients switch to a spandex type garment or even an UnderArmour shirt with firm support, as a stepdown forom the surgical garment.

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