My dr didn't give me compression garments for my brachioplasty. Is that OK? And my armpits look terrifying (Photo)

I had a brachioplasty a week ago. No blood or anything since day 2. I keep hearing on this site that I needed compression garments is this true? Also my armpits look scary is this Normal? They aren't bleeding or oozing

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Compression Garments after Brachioplasty in Melbourne, Florida

It is not unusual for an early postoperative healing incision to appear to be somewhat red, possibly irritated appearing, and certainly not perfectly smooth. The question as to compression garments will vary depending upon your procedure, your healing, and the preferences and recommendations of your board-certified plastic surgeon. I have found that my Melbourne, Florida, brachioplasty patients benefit from the Ace wrap that I place on the arms immediately after surgery followed by wearing compression sleeves for a few weeks afterwards. The timeframe recommended for this varies depending upon the patient’s healing. Follow up with your surgeon closely. I hope this information is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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Compression garments for my brachioplasty. Is that OK? (Photo)

Dear Sienna-

Your arms actually appear to be healing quite well.
These scars should settle and give you the improved contour you are looking for despite the initial heaped angry red appearing scars.

Compression garments many body contouring physicians find can be cumbersome along the arms.

Tensors or Ace bandages help reduce some of the swelling initially post operatively and can provide comfort for the patient however they can also lead to hand swelling and DVT of the arms.  

Your surgeon may actually be right in not providing them to you despite you feeling perhaps it was an oversight.

Continue to follow up with your surgeon for close monitoring of your incisions and best with your recovery.

Warm Regards,

Dr Quinton Chivers

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Arm lift - do I need a garment?

Thank you for asking about your arm lift.

I have found the arm compression garments to be very uncomfortable so I don't recommend them.
I have found wrapping the arms with an ace bandage gives them support.
Ask your surgeon if this is ok for you to try.
You will heal more comfortably usually, with some kind of wrap but it should not affect your final result.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Compression is optional is this procedure and it is up to your surgeon. There is no good way to get compression in the armpit regardless. I recommend compression for one week. The intersection of your incision will take some time to heal. Follow up with your surgeon ( a better resource than realself)

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