2 front porcelain veneers not flush with each other. If my wax up was not this way, can I get these redone at no charge? (Photo)

I showed my dentist my concern as my two front teeth are not flush with each other. One sticks out further than the other. Looking at them straight on, they look pretty good. He said they won't look "natural" if they are too perfect. He doesn't want to redo the front two. But, I think if I paid almost $13,000 for 8 veneers I should be happy with the result. I'm okay with perfect teeth. That's why I paid that amount of money.

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Veneers not aligned

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I agree with you that you should be happy with your veneers, and that the 2 front teeth should be the same length at the biting edge.  While symmetry is not always possible or desirable with cosmetic dentistry; it is almost always the objective when it comes to your 2 front upper teeth.

If you consented to the length and shape of these veneers prior to their final bonding/cementation; then your dentist may have a valid point in charging you to remake these 2 (or possibly just one).  If you never saw or approved of these veneers before they were permanently attached to your teeth, then your dentist should correct them for no charge.  If they are unwilling to do this, you should find another cosmetic dentist.

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist


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From the photos, I do see what you're referring to. If you really want to be picky, I also think the tooth just to the left of the left front one is a little too long. You certainly have the right to want your teeth to look the way you want. I'm sure if you tell him you are really unhappy with them, he will want to make you happy and redo the front 2. (Shortening the other one is an easy adjustment)

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