Can anything be done to correct overbite and crossbites when I have veneers? (photos)

Hi! I had 10 upper veneers placed (and my teeth shaved down significantly). My concerns were that my teeth were not straight, and my arch was too narrow, My cosmetic dentist assured me he could correct all of this, which is quite obviously wrong!! Now I'm left with veneers, and still all the bite problems. I desperately want to correct it all, but I just really need to know whether anything can be done at all? Lingual braces, Invisalign, jaw surgery, I'm ready to do anything.

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Porcelain veneers and malocclusion

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The type of malocclusion (bad bite) that you exhibit can absolutely NOT be corrected with porcelain veneers.  My recommendation to you is to first see a highly recommended orthodontist for a consultation, and then have him recommend an oral surgeon that he works with.  To properly correct your severe anterior overbite type of malocclusion; both jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment (braces) will be necessary.  There may be enough of a correction with just conventional orthodontic treatment but this will be discussed after proper consultations as mentioned above.

Steven M. Goldy,DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist

Can anything be done to correct overbite and crossbites when I have veneers? (photos)

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It looks like you do have an open-bite, in which can cause trauma to your back teeth, and wear them down. a complete evaluation with bite analysis is highly recommended to give you options such as restorations, or ortho treatment, or possible surgical intervention.

Overbite and crossbite

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Hi, thanks for sending your question. I am sorry to hear that you were left still with remaining concerns after your treatment. The short answer would be that yes, there are treatments that are available to remedy your issues, and some can be simple as clear aligners as an option. While other options are available as well,  all of that would have to be evaluated and discussed in detail after comprehensive examination.

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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Complex dental treatment has complicated answers

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The short answer is "yes".  However, specifically WHAT to do depends on what is learned from a complete exam and complete records (xrays, photos, study models, etc).  While porcelain restorations CAN do what you wanted from the start, it usually requires ALL teeth treated and not just 10 veneers.  

Step #1 included a diagnostic waxup.  From that, you could have seen the plan and if the plan would satisfy you.  If not, then alternatives would be explored (braces, surgery, etc).  

At this point, I think you are starting over.


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u have posterior cross bite with increased overjet. and veneers in upper jaw. expansion in upper arch is required and its difficult with lingual braces. now available option for u is aligner treatment. 

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